Grace Hulderman

Honoring an Inmate through Socially Engaged Art

In collaboration with a First Year Seminar class entitled "Jails, Justice, and the Artist's Response," I created this zine for an inmate at the Muskegon Correctional Facility. The zine was part of a larger research project that we conducted, which looked at mass incarceration, race, and art as a tool for justice.

The class focused on one inmate named Gregory. After being in email correspondence with Gregory for awhile, we were able to compile a sample of his writings to be put into a zine. The class also planned a dinner for his family members, where the zine could be distributed and where other students collaborated to create placemats for the dinner (shown below) and take photographs of the neighborhood Gregory describes in his writing.

My participation in this project contributes to my overall interest and hope to continue further in using design as a tool to explore social justice.

Design2 Zine.png
Design2 Zine2.png
Design2 Zine Cover.png